A Free film for entire Pakistan

Pakistan’s first online movie, Oye Kuch Kar Guzar, was released on 3rd December by djuice, a brand that prides itself on catering for the youth. The movie, launched in collaboration with youtube, has a very unique premise. Released in episodes, the movie presents viewers with two options to choose from at the end of each episode (except the final episode). Hadn’t we always wished we could decide what happens next in our favorite movie or TV show? This movie fulfilled our wish.


The film starts with a narrator telling us about our hero Sherry (Ali Safina), an aspiring singer and the son of a work shop owner, striking a deal with his father to sponsor his journey of becoming a singer and if he fails he will take up the workshop business. As Sherry starts his train journey with his friend Jango (Uzair Jaswal) to participate in a singing contest, he has no idea what fate has in store for him. Neither do you, unless you watch the movie.

The movie stars Ali Safina, Uzair Jaswal, Ushna Shah, and Mahjabeen Habib, four strangers who will share an adventure of a lifetime. Ali Safina was exceptional in the lead role and executed his character’s development brilliantly. The other actors performed well but had they gotten more screen time, they would have done wonders. There was also a very special guest appearance in the movie that broke the internet. Singer Taher Shah made his film debut as King Shah, a love expert, and that was all anyone could talk about. From commenting “OMG, Taher Shah” on youtube to making memes, people just couldn’t get enough of the two minutes scene featuring the singer.

Written and directed by Harris Rasheed, Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is a complete package with comedy, action, suspense, and a bit of romance. Zain Haleem deserves all the praise for the cinematography that was surgically precise and imaginative. Babrus Khan and his team’s comics in the film was another thing of delight. Film’s OST Chal Chal Chaltay Jana is sung by Abdullah Qureshi. All in all, the movie showed the efforts of everyone involved in the conception and making of this stunning piece of entertainment.


Some great things about the movie:

  1. Motion comics.
  2. Tahir Shah. (Couldn’t resist, sorry)
  3. Hadouken street fighter reference, hands down the best thing to happen in a Pakistani movie till date.



Some not-so great things about the movie:

  1. The movie was too short. I, like many others, wanted to see more of Sherry’s story.
  2. Uzair Jaswal, Ushna Shah, and Mahjabeen Habib looked like the extras dancing behind the hero in a Bollywood song, they may be dancing better than the hero, but no one notices them.
  3. The brand advertisement should have been more subtle.

Rating: 8/10

Do I recommend it? Hell Yes!

What this movie should lead to:

In recent years Pakistani film industry has started to flourish, but there is one big problem that remains neglected. Despite of doing good business in big cities, the movies never reach the people living in remote areas. Many cities of Pakistan do not have a single cinema. Consequently, majority of the country remain deprived of entertainment, and God knows how badly this nation needs entertainment. The one thing that everyone has these days is a smart phone, thanks to phone companies making more affordable phones, and with the launch of 3G and 4G in the country, everyone has access to the internet. The idea of an online movie may appeal to the lazy bummers who don’t want to get out of their beds to watch a movie, but it is a necessity for people who don’t have any other access to entertainment. Movie makers and actors should come together to discuss this issue and make more online movies that can reach anyone and everyone. They also need to come up with a framework that will make it possible for movies to be released online once they have done business in cinema. That way quality entertainment can reach everyone.

Watch now : https://youtu.be/n_KLgunJw8I?list=PL94JL2f8CrHkTlBpj05RuUd-8qp-AgGsM



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