Pixel, Google’s iPhone?

Earlier today Google in an event launched the highly anticipated and long awaited Pixel. Google has officially become a hardware company now. Google claims Pixel to be the World’s best smartphone ever, in terms of software as well as hardware. What is Pixel? Let’s have a quick look till I get to review it myself.


Just like iPhone, Pixel comes out in two sizes. The Pixel and Pixel XL, with the change in size, battery size, display ppi and nothing else at all. But, both Pixels are equipped with 4GB of Ram and ROMs from 32GB to 128GB.


I’m very impressed with the design of Pixel, although it’s pretty similar to the iPhone7. The Curved edges and the antennas but the back of the phone is gorgeous esp the glass, fingerprint sensor and the camera mount which doesn’t come out like iPhone. The device is beautifully designed and I must say I am truly impressed.


The highest rated smartphone camera. Ever. This is what Google claims with Pixel’s camera in terms of hardware and the software that supports it. 12.3MP, large 1.55μm pixels for great shots in any light and f/2.0 Aperture for bright photos. Could it give tough time to iPhone7 Plus dual cameras?
Super charging, a brilliant technology which apple is yet to work on for their smartphones. Pixel claims to charge super fast. With 15 minutes of charging you can use your Pixel for 7 hours. Pixel is packed with 2770mAh and Pixel XL has 3450mAh batteries.
Pixel is equipped with Snapdragon 821; MSM8996 pro AB Quad Core 2+2 Kryo 2.15GHz / 1.6GHz. The time of it’s release is very critical as Samsung Note7 faces hardware issues as a result of decline in sales and iPhone 7 just launching and grabbing everyone’s attention.
Although I’ve never been a fan of android but I’d definitely love to get my hands on Pixel but recently we have seen Android geeks and top reviewers bashing Apple for the relatively higher price tags. iPhone7 starts from $649 and iPhone7Plus from $769 and Pixel and Pixel XL are announced on exactly the same price tags which might disappoint many. Let’s wait and watch 🙂

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