Pardey Pe Rehney Do


“Pardey Pe Rehney Do” is a project initiated to meet the purpose of Cinema on wheels. It is first of its kind project to launch in Pakistan. Cinema on wheels is showcasing films for masses of Pakistan. People who can’t afford a television or entertainment in today’s age of entertainment.

Starting from Sindh, the team behind Cinema on wheels plans to head to the province of KPK to give a life time experience to many Pakistanis.

“Pardey Pe Rehney Do” is initiated by young media professionals from Karachi lead by Akhlaque Mahesar, CEO PPRD. The concept is to keep the cinema alive by showing out door cinema across rural areas of Pakistan. From cinema nights in different cities, villages and till the remotest areas of Pakistan.

PPRD not only promotes Cinema but Pakistani films as well which have been produced in Pakistan and shelved for many years due to their short live life of a month in cinema and then in the storerooms. PPRD aims to make these films available to those who have never in their lives seen or could afford the experience a cinema at their convenience.

PPRD officially launched in an event organized recently which was attended by various media personalities and chief guest the legendary Mustafa Qureshi, who has played a vital role in the Pakistani cinema back in the days.

Additionally, basic phones which have sms service can vote and view films by choice. Extensive marketing/execution and promotion plan has been developed for this project “Pardey Pe Rehney Do” which will keep advertising for this 8 months journey for promoting films and keeping cinema alive.

More details and updates can be found at the official facebook page here:


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