In search of myself….

Ready to go

Good morning Dear readers/Friends..

I hope that all of you must have been pretty well.

This is probably my last post for this year…. As in 2 hours Im leaving for Abbotabad..

Ahhh yes, Abbotabad!!!  The beautiful valley, mountains, social and isolated…. One of the most beautiful and calm places around. And yes, its Snowing there  =)

In the evening, i decided to leave. I chose the Bus to be my mean of transportation all the way to Abbotabad. Though it’ll take around 24 hours to reach there but I love it… What I love about traveling in a Bus for such long routes especially when im all alone is that I get most of the time to think , it helps me in developing a sense of responsibility. As soon as the journey starts, isolation starts for me. Traveling makes me think more productive and it boosts the Nitros of my Creative blocks. This, I realized, when I used to goto my college couple of years back via a public transport and I wrote most of my songs in those 2 years of my life….

So as i was saying I decided to goto Abbotabad all of a sudden… So suddenly that my Dad is asleep and he doesn’t know about me leaving.. Just told mum as mothers are good in spoiling their children..

Been in a rush all day, office and work, little shopping then back to work and late night back to home…. Just got done with packing and updating my gadgets (Cell phone/Camera)

Shall make a couple of sandwiches for myself now, 24 long hours….

Now the question is why am I going!? Though i have my finals starting from 2nd January so whats the Deal!!? The answer is I don’t know…  And may be I’m going there to find the answer..  So until I’m back, lets wait for that answer.

Just thought to write just a few lines but its turning into an essay or an autobiography…  i’ll head to the kitchen.

And I wish you all a very happy and peaceful new year and I hope that the new year will open the new doors of opportunities for you all.

May God be with you all..




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