Lovely overcast & A lovely Mum

Lovely Karachi weather

A beautiful overcast morning here in Karachi today. The scorching sunbeams cutting the clouds looked so beautiful and one couldn’t stay without thanking God for this beautiful sight.

I was sitting in my balcony having my tea enjoying this beautiful sight and thinking about the various possibilities and the stories of the lives of the people surrounding us. People whom we know or are related to and even the ones we see everyday and who look familiar to us but, we never know who they really are. The random acquaintances though but whenever we randomly come across with them, we cant stay without smiling at them or sending the well wishes signals to them via the eye contact and vice versa.

As I got so lost in these unusual random thoughts, I didn’t realize that I was getting late for work but what could I do, I was really enjoying this feeling of carelessness but it breaks as soon as my mother comes to me and woke me up from this random eyes opened dream of mine and asked me to drop her to my aunt’s on my  way to office. I had to start focusing about my day once again and we left for my aunt’s.

My parents are totally against fast and reckless driving so every time I travel with them, I drive extremely slow and cautiously….  So the same I did today. We were quite, passing by the people around. I was too lost in my random thoughts yet again and was trying to figure out different ways yet again to make lives easier and meaningful. I had so many randomness growing in my head. Crossing the traffic signals, looking at the different people of different casts and their various occupations. I see a truck loaded with huge barrels tied up and a guy taking away the barrels to I don’t know where and why. Then I see people hammering cars in the garage and fixing the broken ones…. people driving buses, taxis, rickshaws and other transportation, moving forward in their lives. Then a paan shop caught my attention where the people working at different places have gathered to smoke or have paans… at least they unconsciously were gathering at a channel i.e: A Paan Shop.

As we drove on and on, so much I saw and was processing…. Suddenly my Mum broke the silence,  she speaks:

‘ In logon ko dekho, sub pagal lag rahay hain.. sub ke zehen mein ik hee baat hai ke how to survive. Isi soch mein ese khoye huey hain ke kissi ik bhe aadmi ko dekho thori der ke liye, ik pagal he lagay ga… ‘

And I looked at her with my mouth open…

And I dropped off my Mum and came to work and its been more than 12 hours now and my brain is still processing this data…..

Till next time,

Mojaan he Mojaan!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    i totally agree with aunty =D !!
    sab pagal hein (6)

  2. Adil Siddiq says:

    lol yes, my mother after all

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