Mumbai Attacks or Indian Students?

After having such a beautiful rainy day in karachi today, I have started to feel bad and sad . The reason is this video which most shockingly has been shot. The incidents in it is the Aftermath of the Mumbai attacks for which Pakistan and Muslims were blamed.

India calls itself a Democratic nation. See the real faces. I never India and I might still not end up hating India. But after this, I have started to hate and feel disgusted by Humans. Shame on Me, Shame on You and Shame on Us.

This video is very disturbing.

PS:  Nothing more to say. I need space……


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  1. guessworker says:

    Indian politicians who have hogged all the NSG commando cover are on the defensive. With election less than year away, they are trying to fight terrorism in media instead of where it should be fought, in Pakistan’s LET infested regions.

    We get the government we deserve.

    One good thing is happening already at Gateway of India after the terrorist attacks at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. The Pigeons are returning.

  2. Kaustuv says:

    hi adil!

    no one’s blaming muslims, pakistanis, or the pakistani govt

    all that’s being said is that terrorist groups operating within pakistan were responsible for the attacks

    where do you take offense?

  3. Adil Siddiq says:

    Where do I take Offense?

    I take Offense only and only to one thing…. Being a Human Being, i am offended seeing Humans doing such things to none other but Humans!!!
    Religion has nothing to do with it in this case I suppose, though I know many might get offended here as well…. But One Indian killing another Indian just because they are MUSLIMS??
    This does happen everywhere but why to make Being Muslim an excuse to kill or beat?
    I have Hindu friends, even Christians. So what? Aren’t they Human? So what if there beliefs are slightly different? Though The Jews and Christians have spent most of their Money and Energies on Killing Muslim states and doing injustice, But would that be OK if I start offending/beating/killing the Christians and Hindus or Even Jews I know for that?
    Kaustuv my friend, after watching this video, weren’t you Offended?

  4. Kaustuv says:

    yes it was a disturbing video. these kind of things should not and must not happen.

    but you must realize that this is an isolated incident. there is no systematic harassment of muslims in india

  5. Sarah says:

    oh come on adil cant you see that these two *guys* were higly equppied terrorist ! :O:O .. terrorist deserve terrorism !

    humans not usually found these days ..

    as for religion no one is ready to learn the actual concept of every religion that is: Humanities , when whole world already have discrimination to discuss !

    cheer up buddy .. i understand 🙂

  6. batoul says:

    well, for indians my comments become narrow itself as they havent been clear in any of the aspect since partition. shutting other matters, but the indian govt and the indian media has directly pointed their fingers towards us for the recent blast that occured in their big city mumbai.
    though i thought India is much established and feel like making good terms with the closest neighbor but I m certainly dissapointed with their atittude towards us. they havent been participating in any of the disasters we have been facing for recent times…moreover the biggest difference is we havent reacted so small to BLAME them for any our mishaps.
    still we forward our hand for goodness and leave the rest. lets all be united to fight against terrorism.

  7. Manohar says:

    I don’t know how you could say that this incident is an aftermath of Mumbai attacks…

    The above two URL’s will give u a clear picture of what the incident is about. And the banner you see in the video is in Tamil.
    And I am an Indian.

  8. Manohar says:

    And also kindly notice the date on which the news item is published…and verify it with the date on which Mumbai was attacked.

  9. Hamza says:

    Adil??? What about the thousands of Pakistani’s killing each other? And Pakistan also calls itself democratic… in fact the only democratic ‘Muslim’ country… I wonder if Pakistain’s even know what that means.

    I am sorry to say but being a Pakistani, what you have written is the typically irresponsible response! It’s similar emotional reactions like yours (I am not doubting the honestly of your frustration) which fuel differentiation and segregation (nicer words for ‘hate’) between our nations. And the discussions going on this post is evidence that once again we are moving in a similar direction.

    We have to rise above all this. You are very right in pointing out that the problem is a Human one. Why attach national identities to it them?

  10. Adil Siddiq says:

    What about it? I know and I would obviously agree to what you have said here. Being a Pakistani, its so shameful to see thousands of Pakistanis killing Pakistanis everyday but then again, are we really so ‘Sure’ if the ones who are killing are Pakistanis or the ones being killed are Pakistanis?
    The issue is not just that Hamza. and everyone kind of knows that. I dont hate India, I never did. Infact my Ancestors are from India and the fact that India is one of the Inspirational Nations I came across with.
    The point was why to kill in the name of Religion!!?
    I am putting light on something else here and that is not at all that INDIA SUCKS. India doesn’t but who can prove it?

    Whatever has been happening in Pakistan, there are alot of reasons behind that Hamza and not just one. Our Government which has never been established even after 60 years. Our people, people like you and me and every other reader who’d love to write and read but wont have the Guts or Courage to do anything more than that….

    Can you kill a Pakistani Hamza?
    At least I cant.

    So who are killing them?
    Why do we concentrate more on the Reactions?? Why not look at the actions causing such reactions!!?

  11. Manohar says:

    There’s nothing to argue about this incident 🙂 …Adil,I dont know how you got this video…Its just propaganda…Do you refute the proof shown by me ??

  12. Sarah says:

    to all,

    propaganda or whatever it is, the painful part is that a human is hurting another human ..

  13. Adil Siddiq says:

    Dear Manohar!!!
    Thanks for coming over here.
    well yes, I did go through your links… I’ll conclude in a couple of days. Even if you are right or wrong, the point was never understood here.
    As said earlier, Im not against India. Infact, Being a Pakistani I am against Pakistani system more . The reason is I love my country and all I have seen is Bad in my country done by bad people. The political system sucks. But the biggest tragedy for me is The People who have and might always will remain Silent. Till when that I dont know but the silence is taking them No Where!!!
    Lets suppose this incident is not The Aftermath Of Mumbai incident…. But why such things have been happening?
    Even in Pakistan, what is wrong with the people?

    The point was to raise the issue which is ‘Why human are killing Humans?’
    Till when would a nation continue killing itself?

  14. Manohar says:

    I admire your stand.

    But when u say ‘Aftermath’, you are indirectly attaching labels to the aggressor and victim and this is what i oppose.
    Hope you got my point.

  15. Adil Siddiq says:

    Thank you Manohar.

    Topic has been changed from Aftermath. I apologize for the post made without any certain confirmation. It was surely an eye opening experience with me in this post. You cant trust anyone or the resources.

    Learned a new lesson, Never post anything without Authentic Information.

    A P O L O G I E S!!

    As for the topic, it continues…..
    Since whatever is in the video, its painful to see.
    And the role of Policemen, it saddens me.
    Manohar, I guess Pakistan and India and still way behind everything!!

    The recent Mumbai attacks, I felt extremely sad about the incident. But the Indian Govt blamed the Pakistani Govt and the Intelligence for the attacks. Maybe it was the Indian Govt blaming or maybe the Indian Media. I was shocked to see how irresponsible the Indian Media was. Extremely sorry to say this but the Media seemed to inject in every Indian that ‘Pakistan is the enemy, Pakistan is the enemy’

    But then we see this video, what do we see in the video? Yes, we see Indian students brutally beaten almost to death. Isn’t this categorized as terrorism and who is to be blamed in this case?

    Its just like saying that ‘Apne logon ko mein maarun tau theek hai but koi aur nai maaray’ !!!!????

  16. Manohar says:

    Abt the video…Yeah its a very sad condition.

    I want to clarify 1 thing. India DIDN’T blame the PAK GOVT. They blamed the non-state actors & ISI. And i feel the Pak Govt. just doesn’t have control over the Military & ISI(u can correct me)…

    The media is worse except for some sources. And its better if u dismiss most of the Indian media as irritating mosquitoes.
    Read this :-

    I dont agree fully with her.

    I dont understand Hindi/Urdu.

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