So many times , I have asked myself for not being an Ass. Especially a Lazy one. That really sucks you know?

Well, today im not here to tell all my readers (By all I mean only 2 readers) that what Im planning to get next or what am I even going to do next in my life….. Im not even here to talk about how the earth came into existence etc.  But, it is some how related to the Earth, our Mother Land.

For past few months, I was continuously ignoring one animated movie over and over again for I dont even know what odd reasons. Maybe it was its boring name WALL-E , or maybe the stupid robots I saw in the trailer. I dont know what on earth was stopping me to watch this movie and instead of it, I watched Yuvraaj !!  :S

Sigh….. I mean ewww..

But okay, I just watched Wall-E , finally!!! and that with my best friend Xen


Wall-E is one of the most beautiful Animated movies I have ever watched. The movie starts with the main character named Wall-E who is a robot. Actually he is an old mainframe with old firmware. He is basically programmed to collect the garbage and make bundles of it and cover less area with more junk. So , he is the king of Junkyard. Being only thing (that can actually do what it want to) it makes him the King of the Earth too.

Until the space ship comes to the planet earth and comes out Eve. A latest prototype with advanced ver of firmware. Eve is on a mission. She is programmed to ……blah blah blah blah blah…….. !!!!?? _+__|##)$(*&#%^#@*!$_(^)_^)

Okay, Watch it yourself. Im not here to review it. so Booooooo…!!!

Watch it, no matter how old you are, you will never regret watching it. I promise….

and also download the OST Down to Earth performed by Peter Gabriel. Beautiful song….




3 Comments Add yours

  1. hina says:

    adi mama i want the song *innocent glare*
    u shud listen to peter gabriel’s “the book of love”,, it was in “shall we dance”

  2. Adil Siddiq says:

    I already have my sweetheart 🙂

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