What FP didn’t say about the mayor of Karachi


One of my responsibilities here at Foreign Policy is manning the “FP Editor” e-mail account. It’s always fun to come in in the morning and see how readers around the world are reacting to what we print. Sometimes, the reactions can be a bit strange, though.

Yesterday, we started receiving e-mails from readers and journalists in Pakistan asking for comment on reports that we had named Karachi’s mayor, Mustafa Kamal, “the second best mayor in the world.” This would be an understandable query if we had actually said anything of the sort.

At issue is a sidebar from FP‘s recent Global Cities Index that names Kamal, Berlin’s Klaus Wowereit, and Chongqing’s Wang Hongju as “mayors of the moment” who have found innovative ways to globalize their cities. The mayors are not ranked, nor are we implying that they are objectively “better” than any other mayors, but that didn’t stop the Karachi city government from issuing a press release on its Web site (they’ve changed the text since being contacted by FP) congratulating Kamal for being the No. 2 mayor in the world. For the record, the three names are not listed in any particular order.

Pakistan’s biggest English-language newspaper, Dawn, then printed a glorified transcription of the mayor’s press release by the government-controlled Associated Press of Pakistan as a front-page story without ever checking with us to see if it was accurate.

According to the e-mails we’ve received, the inaccurate story has been widely reported on Pakistani TV, radio, and blogs. Most absurdly, Karachi’s city council apparently held a heated debate over whether to pass a resolution congratulating Kamal for the honor we allegedly bestowed on him. Judging by today’s e-mails, the efforts of some blogs to correct the story only seem to have confused readers more.

According to one reporter, who unlike Dawn contacted us for comment, “Karachi is riddled with banners by the local government, congratulating Mr. Kamal for being declared as second best mayor of the world by the Foreign Policy.”

We hate to rain on Kamal’s parade, and certainly intend him and his city no disrespect, but we simply never ranked him in any way. This entire mess could have been avoided with some very basic fact-checking.

Source: http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/node/10285


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  1. hina says:


    ‘but-what-anyways’ they look cute together :p

  2. Sarah says:

    wow cute pic 😉 very gay gay 😛

  3. razahaider says:

    Nomination by definition is to designate as suitable for ultimate presentation as state of the art , a qualifier , a representation ,designated authority, a responsible ,a front man ,a contrast ,unmatchable ,an insignia , a symbol, a crown prince and as many words and terms of excellence and designation as credentials that puts man in lieu of honor and award as reward.

    It is the awarded prerogative as master piece that demarcate different entities as sorting thereby exercising as feedback and slogan that nominee has differentiated capabilities as quality and calibrated grooming as work which in no way be neglected within different masses of same qualification.

    In a group of contestant where numerical position is a prerequisite and essential criterion, selection is the only criteria which sort out masses thus individualizing individual in to minimum number so to award ranking as legendary or in numerical representation if contestant have equal depth of capabilities.

    It is this concept of selection as choose that results in to numerical representation ,not on the basis of preference and priority but to place the individual as precision and consignment, thereof to put one over the other as means of numerical understanding and symbol of excellence though under no way their art of excellence have weightage over the other.

    Contestant have natural tendency to be appraised as moral whereas supporters are by nature designed to upraise their contestant as the unique and ultimate winner.

    In a class room of 50 children ranking can be from one to fifty but numerical representations as excellence has the prerogative of first few. However, the same does not mean, the rest are failure.

    This sorting among same colleague of similar class is to lineate individual whose capacity as qualification and excellence as understanding is better and impressive than the fellows.

    This award of better or best is based on the practical performance of the individual within the class and thereby serve to symbolize the individual as excellent.

    In a musical contest participant have no numerical presentation.

    Contestant participates and performs so to be sorted as few among rankings.

    If out of 4 contestants 3 are to be selected the no selected is always number four.

    Similarly, if rank as first is already selected the rest among the contest are always 2nd till being awarded.

    This is the only logical understanding of the current ranking of Mustafa kamal as 2nd best mayor of the world.

    This ranking of the individual by his people does not need further verification from any organization and his name on the list among the best is by designed and method curtailed in the domain of second contestant as second best mayor of the world.

    Who can deny the fact that his name among many was published with effect to accept his achievement as excellence towards his city, as “mayor of the moment”?

    I don’t see any ambiguity or deceiving slogan as non understandable term in “Mayor of the moment”.

    A moment is a fraction of second between the truth and lie.

    It is a glimpse of an episode between life and death.

    It is a pause that is essential between two breaths.

    It is a demarcation between day and night.

    It is a line between passed and fails.

    It’s a flicker from twilight.

    It’s a ladder between achievement and excellence.

    It is a miracle that saves you from disaster.

    It’s a period which differentiates one from the other as color of rainbow.

    It may be the best of your moment or the worst.

    Yes! But I do see bias and malicious intents of my own people which clearly reflects version of discriminatory ethnic concept.

    Don’t you think it’s the matter of pride as performance that was granted to a nation inspite of its loosing economy and welfare activities with disintegrating architecture of system?

    Don’t you consider it a matter of achievement as one man show to uplift his country as striving state which is still under the cordon of people like Mustafa kamal who is excelling and striving to make it a master piece of art with in its minimal availabilities?

    Don’t you think it was a precious crown that was put on you by moment, for a moment as prince of the moment so to award as insignia and holder of the same as life long momentary memorable moment?

    Disregard every thing, disgrace every one, demolish truth, defame your own destroy and disassemble.

    Continue to think and propel ethnic version of thoughts and express attitude of versatile racist vocabulary.

    Shame on all those, who have now started disgracing own soul and sign.

    Shame on you! All those who, under the influenced of extreme of rivalry as innate enmity and distracted attitude as cruelty, again started the unconditional criticism of maligning and ferociously declining the picture as reality.

    The attitude of disowning the momentary insignia as pride for the nation is nothing but expression of discarding own selves.

    Who but insane can deny the fact of finest activity as master piece of work that took place during the era of Mustafa kamal?

    Stop this breaded concept of hatred and disregard.
    Nomination as numerical is more than the award.

    If some one has qualified to compete as contestant, he endorses his capacity and capability as representation.

    No body has right to express his version of hatred in terms of non achievement especially those whose expressions as gesture are full of malice and malafide intentions as racist.

    This enmity against self sighted and favorite breed error for hatred against single community is clearly visible from the theme of present criticism to create same mess of annoyance that is their all time agenda.

    Your (all those with racist mentality) day and nights starts and ends only to cultivate fresh crop of satanic scoops against one single community.

    What has been done by Mustafa kamal is marvelous script of doctrine and philosophical grant of his organizational capabilities as authority by his legitimate masters.

    His work within the bugged system of failed economy and distorted anatomy is a methodology of vast horizon and enthusiasm.

    In the eyes of karachite whether belonging to any community less, irrational, ethnic crooked mentality, is an art of excellence and appraise and is beyond the award of numerical inclination.

    I and all legitimate resident of Karachi belonging to any caste, cadre and community consider him the ever presenter and legitimate achiever of award of excellence as the best mayor of the nation whose community as populace was never served the way before.

    Congrats to Mustafa kamal his team and his masters whose services can never be set aside and besiege.

  4. Adil Siddiq says:

    Mr. Raza Haider…
    First of all, I swear to God , you cracked me up.

    I appreciate your all the time for coming over here and reading this and then commenting. To some extent, I would agree to you.
    For what ever is done by Mustafa Kamal in the city for the city, it makes each and everyone proud and thankful to him.
    But, that wasn’t really the Agenda of this post or was it?

    Here, we are discussing a ‘False’ action committed by someone. Someone could be The press, The political party, The editor or Even Mustafa Kamal.

    Your utmost support for him is not a bad thing and it proves a lot to the readers here. But, seems you never understood the meaning of this Topic here.

    Exposure is good, But over exposure is a Fault.

    Take care

  5. hina says:

    really appreciate wht he’s doing but who is fooling ppl..

    media, press or he himself?!?!

    someone shud correct it,,, he got 57th position i guess?!?!?

  6. ykhan says:

    refering to Hina reply, this is another mistake ppl made that mustafa got 57th position. 57th position karachi possess.

    Mustafa is one of the mayor in three mayor of the moments selected by foreign policy. Read below link


    actually it’s foreign policy error that they are selecting only three mayors as mayor of moments, but they are reluctant in giving them ranking.

    what i can imagine from Altaf hussain kiss to Mustafa is like father kissing his son on the occassion that he has successfully started the exam which in 60 years nobody dare to started because of selfish politics and lack of will in helping the country, city and nation.

    Kind Regards


  7. hina says:

    thanks for correcting 🙂

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