When the life Stops….

Least Hopes - Single Soul

I came back home early today…. Nothing much happened there..

Watched a very good movie.

Had my favourite food..

Logged onto my favourite websites are surfed around to get some collectable informatics protons from myself. Then the moment came, I read a song name ‘Be Here Now’

I clicked it and it showed me a bearded long hair guy named Ray LaMontagne.

Downloaded nearly his three albums. A must listen to albums. Thought very different from normal day music albums but I loved it.

‘Be Here Now’ , the song that i’m listening to right now and the thought that I was actually ignoring for past few weeks , the thought that was disturbing for months…..  Has come back to me.

The truth is that for the past few months, nothing really is going the way i wanted or planned for things to go. The days have been tough but nights have been rough. As rough as a battle ship not only fighting the enemy troops but also the strong winds and storms from the opposite directions.

Sometimes , it seems that life has paused. That there isn’t anything much left to do in life or Maybe, its the frame of mind. But the question is Why?

The more disturbing and painful fact comes when you have nearly everything that you wanted to have or wished for but then, you do not have what you want..?

Then which one of these terms are what we must be related to or we must relate?

The Questions, so many of them….

But I stop by at the same point, Why has life paused… ?

Maybe , Life is a set of different thoughts, souls and people….

The thoughts which enter our lives and change the way we think,

The souls which enter our lives and change the way we will,

Or the people who enter our lives and change the way we will be….

Maybe,  life is a chain made of pieces. The pieces complete the chain and make sure it keeps on getting on and be strong… More importantly, Be Intact and be One !

I think i lost this soul lost pieces, the pieces which were intact or became a part of this Soul in past 5 years.

The same people who goto the university every single morning and come back home smiling and then wait for the next morning to come to go back to the university….

Or Maybe the ones who are content about their lives, who know what they want and how they want it…..

And maybe also the ones who work, who have a future ahead of them, who have responsibilities, who have a competition for which they have to get ready and stronger every day….

Be the people who aims high, higher than the highest and who are content to do everything beyond the beyonds…

And there stand another single soul. Confused, hollow, unshaved and nothing to follow.

A soul which stand there and look at the other fellow souls reaching for the reachfuls and the un-reachfuls. Feeling the pain and agonies as well as the laughter and the smilies.

When the most important people are no more there in life, it has two different impacts on a life.

Either we start loving everything else we couldn’t feel before ..   Or

we just forget Loving again….


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    🙂 u got fantastic writing skills plus you are a total sweetheart ..

    can feel what you wrote 🙂 .. .. ..

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